Emmaus Bolton, Derby Barracks, Fletcher Street, Bolton, BL3 6NF   Tel / Fax 01204 398056
Reg. Charity No. 1080391
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Derby Barracks
the home of emmausbolton

emmausbolton is a registered charity concerned with homelessness and recycling. We offer a place to live to people who have been homeless and are willing to help in the recycling business we run from the Community at Derby Barracks in Bolton. Our aim is to become self-sufficient financially as soon as possible, by collecting and selling donated furniture and household goods and eventually other business ventures will be incorporated.

For anyone out there who still doesn't know where we are.....


it's that place on Fletcher Street with the furniture on the wall!!


Aquila Shelters Our Furniture from the Rain (or Sun)!

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The Mercury at Westhoughton supports Emmaus


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Stop Press!

Maurice's Adventures in Agen

Having spent six years with us at Bolton, Maurice has just spent 2 weeks at the Emmaus Community in Agen, France. Read his story and views of life on mainland Europe.



Merry-Go-Round - Recycling for kids

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Merry-Go-Round is going so well - we are in desperate need of good quality cots, prams & high chairs. We also need winter clothes, especially for girls. Anyone having these, or any other items to donate, please ring us on 01204 398056


emmausbolton is part of an international organisation, which began in France in 1949 and now numbers over 400 members worldwide. Together we follow the Universal Manifesto of Emmaus and work towards combating social exclusion.

If you are interested in our work and would like to know more, have a look at the rest of the site and then email the community at emmaus@bl36nf.wanadoo.co.uk or telephone 01204 398056 for more information.




Abbé Pierre - Founder of Emmaus